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The Thackers

Military Dependent  |  At GTMO 1955 - 1964  |  Source: U. of West Florida  |  Short Video

Siblings Charlene, Donna, and Jeanette remember their time together in Guantánamo Bay in the mid 1950s. I am Charlene Bootsma and I moved to Guantanamo Bay in 1955.…

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Wadson Michel

Social Worker  |  At GTMO [not at GTMO]  |  Source: Northeastern University Public History Program  |  Audio Slideshow

Haitian-American social worker Wadson Michel recalls his experiences working with nearly 100 unaccompanied Haitian minors who arrived in the Boston area from refugee camps at Guantánamo Bay in 1992.

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William Brazzell

Military Officer  |  At GTMO 1961-1965  |  Source: U. of West Florida Public History Program  |  Audio Slideshow

William Brazzell remembers the joys of fishing Guantánamo Bay while he was stationed there in the 1960s. The fishing was great in Guantanamo. The fishing was outstanding. The…

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Winston and Nelda Williams

Military Officer  |  At GTMO 1965-1967  |  Source: U. of West Florida Public History Program  |  Audio Slideshow

Winston and Nelda Williams remember when they first arrived at Guantánamo in 1965, and were struck by its natural beauty and warm community. Winston Williams I am Nelda…

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Yvonne Bradley

Lawyer  |  At GTMO 2004-2009  |  Source: Witness to Guantánamo  |  Short Video

Military Officer Yvonne Bradley recalls the first time she experienced the ways that detainees at GTMO are denied legal rights. I remember the first time going in to…

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