Guantánamo Public Memory Project

Kenneth Pace
GTMO playground, taken by Kenneth Pace
Iguana on GTMO, taken by Kenneth Pace
Sunset on GTMO, taken by Kenneth Pace
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Kenneth Pace

At GTMO: 2003-04

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Kenneth Pace remembers the close community atmosphere of Guantánamo when he was working on the naval station.

It was like a heaven on earth, it really was. It was the Mayberry of the world. We knew everybody, we knew each other. We saw everybody every day. We took care of these people that we saw everyday, they took care of us. It was, you know… I would go out for a walk and I… within… I would be fifty yards from my house and people would say, “Oh hey, do you need a ride Ken? Do you need a ride?” They said, “well we saw you and Vicki out walking” the next day. You know, we would go down to the commissar to get some groceries and it turned out to be a social event. People I had taken care of in the emergency room, I saw them in the commissary and they would talk and we had friends…

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