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Christopher Dewey

Military Officer  |  At GTMO 1982  |  Source: U. of West Florida Public History Program  |  Full Interview (Audio Only)

Christopher Dewey recalls the time his military service led him to undertake fleet training in Guantánamo Bay. Christopher Dewey. I was born March 18, 1961 in Brooklyn, New…

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Clive Stafford Smith

Lawyer  |  At GTMO 2002-2012  |  Source: Witness to Guantánamo  |  Short Video

Lawyer Clive Stafford Smith on representing GTMO detainees. You know of course the U.S. wasn’t publishing a list of prisoners in Guantanamo. We didn’t get a list of prisoners…

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Conrado Basulto

Refugee  |  At GTMO 1994-1995  |  Source: U. of Miami  |  Short Video

Artist Conrado Basulto remembers fleeing Cuba and being detained at a refugee camp in Guantánamo in the early 1990s. My name is Conrado Basulto. I’m 44 years old.…

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Danelia Stewart

Resident  |  At GTMO 1966-1979  |  Source: Valerie Hamilton  |  Audio Slideshow

Daniela Antonia Stewart is a Cuban national who remembers what it was like to live on Guantánamo in the 1960s after her father, who worked on the base,…

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David Frakt

Military Officer  |  At GTMO 2008-09  |  Source: U. of Miami  |  Short Video

U.S Air Force Lieutenant Colonel David Frakt shares reflections on his time as a defense counsel with the Office of Military Commissions at Guantánamo Bay.

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David Pruett

Military Officer  |  At GTMO February 1962 - January 1963  |  Source: U. of West Florida  |  Full Interview (Audio Only)

David Pruett has fond memories of his military assignment at Guantánamo in the early 1960s. About the time I was in Guantánamo I was an E3 and later…

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David Watson

Military Dependent  |  At GTMO June 1958 - June 1960  |  Source: U. of West Florida  |  Short Video

David Watson describes the time he spent in Guantánamo from 1958 to 1960 as a military dependent. My name is David Watson. I was in Guantánamo from about…

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Deborah Anker

Lawyer  |  At GTMO [not at GTMO]  |  Source: Northeastern University Public History Program  |  Short Video

Deborah Anker, Director of the Harvard Law School Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program, was part of the legal team advocating for a change in US policy to repatriate Haitian…

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Dee Riley

Military Dependent  |  At GTMO 1960-1965  |  Source: U. of West Florida Public History Program  |  Audio Slideshow

Dee Riley spent her childhood at Guantánamo while her father worked on the base as a military servicemen. The experience that I got from being a navy brat,…

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Eugenio Rothe

Social Worker  |  At GTMO 1994-1995  |  Source: U. of Miami  |  Short Video

When Eugenio Rothe was at Guantánamo at the peak of the Cuban refugee crisis in 1994, he worked to assess the psychological trauma that the detention had induced…

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