Guantánamo Public Memory Project


Aaron Reynolds III

Military Dependent  |  At GTMO 1971  |  Source: U. of West Florida Public History Program  |  Audio Slideshow

Aaron Reynolds III discusses his time as a U.S. military dependent at Guantánamo, going to W.T. Sampson high school and interacting with other members of the base community.…

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Abubakir Qasem

Detainee  |  At GTMO 2001-May 2006  |  Source: Witness to Guantánamo  |  Short Video

Abubakir Qasem discusses his experience as an inmate in the U.S. detention facility in Cuba, and the trying to overcome the perception that he was a terrorist. The…

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Alberto Jones

Base Worker  |  At GTMO 1958  |  Source: U. of Miami  |  Short Video

Alberto Jones discusses his time on the base as a Cuban worker, and the tensions that permeated the experience of traversing the U.S.-Cuban border. The little village where…

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Aldama Family

Resident  |  At GTMO 1961-1995  |  Source: U. of Miami  |  Short Video

The Aldama family reminisces about living in the safe sea-side community that was Guantánamo.   Since Fidel Castro communized Cuba, Gitmo has become a key pressure point in…

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Anita Lewis Isom

Resident  |  At GTMO 1962-1977  |  Source: Picture Projects  |  Audio Slideshow

Anita Lewis Isom reminisces about living in Guantánamo, and about the anxiety of being evacuated from the base in the face of the Cuban Missile Crisis. My name…

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Barbara Phipps

Military Officer  |  At GTMO 1975  |  Source: U. of West Florida Public History Program  |  Full Interview (Audio Only)

Barbara Phipps remembers the time she spent with friends when she first arrived at Guantánamo with her family after her father was assigned to the Cuban outpost. My…

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Bisher Al-Rawi

Detainee  |  At GTMO 2002 - 2007  |  Source: American Civil Liberties Union  |  Short Video

Bisher Al-Rawi recalls being mistreated by his guards while he was detained at Guantánamo. When I hear another prisoner screaming, screaming out of pain and he is right…

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Brandon Neely

Prison Guard  |  At GTMO Jan 2002-Mar 2004  |  Source: Witness to Guantánamo  |  Short Video

Brandon Neely remembers his time as a guard at the detention facility at Guantánamo, and the challenge of humanizing the detainees. Oh yea, everyday before there was like…

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Carol Rosenberg

Journalist  |  At GTMO 2002-2006  |  Source: Witness to Guantánamo  |  Short Video

Journalist Carol Rosenberg describes her first visit to Camp Six, and the lack of accessibility to the prisoners. You know when we first went to Camp Six, which…

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Charles Sizemore

Military Officer  |  At GTMO 1960-1965  |  Source: U. of West Florida Public History Program  |  Audio Slideshow

Former U.S. military serviceman Charles Sizemore remembers his first tour at Guantánamo in 1960. I live in Pensacola, Florida and I am from Dothan, Alabama. That is where…

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