Guantánamo Public Memory Project

Upcoming Events

Confronting Guantánamo – Boston, MA

Northeastern University | March 19 – April 25, 2015

March 18, 12:30pm: “GUANTANAMO AND THE LEGACY OF TORTURE,” The 2015 Valerie Gordon Lecture

March 19, 4pm: “IN OUR NAME: A PLAY OF THE TORTURE YEARS” Written by Michael Meltsner, Directed by Victoria Marsh

March 19, 6:30pm: Guantanamo Public Memory Project Exhibit Opening Reception:



Past Events

Guantánamo Public Memory Project in New Orleans

Ashe Cultural Arts Center | November 5 – November 26, 2014

November 7: Performance excerpts of Taken

November 8: Evening performance with ArtSpot Productions & The Graduates

November 14: Life Inside Angola film screening

November 15: Central City Fest

Tulane University | Jones Hall, 2nd Floor | September 2 – October 30, 2014

September 18, 6:00pm: “Human Rights and Constitutional Law in Modern America,” panel discussion featuring Jess Bravin (author of The Terror Courts), Chaplain James Yee, & Denny LaBoeuf (ACLU)

October 16, 6:00pm: “Angola and Guantánamo: Art and Incarceration,” panel discussion featuring artists Edmund Clark, Deborah Luster & Katrina Andry

October 30, 6:00pm: “Guantánamo: Cuban and Haitian Refugee Stories,” panel discussion

Bringing Guantánamo Home – Providence, RI

September 11, 3pm: Digital Exhibition and Artist Lecture with Ian Alan Paul

September 11, 6pm: Opening Reception for the Guantánamo Public Memory Project

September 11, 6:45pm: Screening and Q&A with Filmmaker of “Guantánamo Circus”

September 12, 8:30am: Conference: New Perspectives on Guantánamo: Art, Activism and Advocacy

September 15, 6pm: Opening Reception: “The Way of Strategy”

September 17, 5:30pm: Artist Lecture with Christopher Sims

September 18, 5pm: Gallery Night Providence Reception

September 22, 7pm: Guantánamo Teach-In

September 25, 7pm: Panel Discussion: Who is a Refugee? What Makes a Refuge?

Guantánamo Public Memory Project in Miami

August 14 6-9pm: Opening reception, Little Haiti Cultural Complex

August 23: Community Collecting Day, HistoryMiami and Smithsonian National Museum of American History

September 4, 2pm:Revisiting the Balsero Crisis and Its Aftermath, Twenty Years After”, Cuban Research Institute, Florida International University

September 10, 6-9pm:Guantánamo: Kept at Bay” art exhibition opening reception, Frost Art Museum

September 22: Opening event, CAS Gallery, University of Miami

Art and Action

University of Brighton, UK

June 2, 12-5pm: Conversations: Art and Action

June 2, 5-7pm: Artist Workshop: ‘What is the the role of art when access is denied?’

Compressed: Guantánamos

Studio-X Istanbul

April 4, 7-9pm: Opening, with guests Elazar Barkan and Liz Ševčenko

April 5, 2-4pm: Hidden Histories of Cities Series: Diyarbakir Prison

GTMO in Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Minnesota History Center, February 11 – March 16, 2014

February 11, 7-9pm: Guantánamo Public Memory Project Community Open House

February 28, 12:15-1:15pm: The Origins and Development of Guantánamo’s Legal Black Hole, A Talk by Michael Strauss

February 28, 3-4:30pm: Refugee Rights and Rightlessness: Haitian Refugees at Guantánamo in the 1990s

March 1, 2pm: Inside Guantánamo, Past and Present


International Civil Rights Center and Museum, December 12, 2013 – February 1, 2014

Programs developed by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

December 12, 2013, 6pm: Exhibit opening

December 12, 2013, 7pm: GTMO and the Cold War

December 14, 2013, 10am: Children’s Story Hour

January 9, 2014, 7pm: Severed Roots: The Cuban and Haitian Refugee Crises at 

January 31, 2014, 7pm: GTMO After 9/11: Detainees, Defense and ‘Legal 

Guantánamo Public Memory Project @ Phoenix Public Library

Burton Barr Central Library, October 19 – November 24, 2013

Programs developed by Arizona State University.

October 23, 6:30-8pm: GTMO: First Foreign Outpost to Cold War Hotspot

October 30, 6:30-8pm: Detention: Japanese Internment to Enemy Combatants

November 6, 6:30-8pm: Exploring American Internment Through Performance

November 9, 12-4pm: Human Library Experience

November 13, 6:30-8pm: The War on Terror

November 20, 6:30-8pm: “Closing” Guantánamo

Arizona State University Film Series

Phoenix Art Museum

November 10, 1pm: Rabbit in the Moon

November 17, 1pm: Standard Operating Procedure

November 24, 1pm: Dirty Wars

December 8, 1pm: Zero Dark Thirty

UMass Amherst Public Forums

Herter Gallery, University of Massachusetts Amherst, September 11 – October 9, 2013

September 11, 4pmJameel Jaffer, Director, Center for Democracy, American Civil Liberties Union; Akhil Reed Amar, Yale University Law School.

September 18, 4pmJonathan Hansen, Lecturer in Social Studies, Harvard University.

September 25, 4pmJana Lipman, Associate Professor of History, Tulane University;  Jeff Johnston, former Public Works Officer at the United States Naval Station, Guantánamo Bay (2004-2009); Alberto Jones, Cuban employee at the base.

October 2, 4pmJames Yee, former United States Army Chaplain, United States Naval Station, Guantánamo Bay; Buz Eisenberg, Attorney representing detainees at GTMO; Fredalene Bernhardy Dowd, former resident of the naval base.

“Witness to Guantánamo”

California Museum of Photography, UCR ARTSblock, July 11, 2013

“Geographies of Detention: From Guantánamo to the Golden Gulag”

California Museum of Photography, UCR ARTSblock, June 1, 2013 

“Speaking of Guantánamo”

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Cultural Arts Gallery, April 10, 2013

“Curating Guantánamo”

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, March 28-29, 2013

“Poetic Justice: The Shades of Guantánamo”

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, March 28, 2013

“Why Remember Guantánamo?”

Exhibit Opening and Conference. December 13-14, 2012 Columbia University and New York University.

“Remembering Guantánamo”

With Justice Albie Sachs and Aryeh Neier. Columbia University, April 28-29, 2011.

“Remembering Guantánamo”

Project Launch Event, National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis, TN, June 2009.

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