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National Dialogue & Traveling Exhibit


University of South Carolina
McKissick Museum, 816 Bull St, Columbia, SC 29208
September 17 – December 17 2015

In 2012, students at 11 universities around the country asked: what can GTMO’s history tell us about what’s happening now—there, and here at home?  They dug through historical and visual archives; talked to people who worked there, lived there, or were detained there; and explored how GTMO relates to issues, people, and places in their own communities. Each student team created a piece of the Project’s first traveling exhibit, sharing their discoveries—and the difficult questions they struggled with.

NYU Kimmel Center

The exhibit opened at NYU’s Kimmel Center for University Life Windows Gallery on December 13, 2012 and is traveling to 16 sites across the country and internationally through at least the end of 2014.  The exhibit explores GTMO’s history from US occupation in 1898 to today’s debates and visions for its future, from a wide variety of perspectives.  It includes video testimonies, “Shape the Debate” text-message voting activity, and mobile multimedia accessible through visitors’ smartphones.

The exhibit was developed through a unique collaboration among a growing number of universities as a dialogue among student curators, communities, and people with first-hand experience at GTMO. University National Dialogue partners:

  • Teach a course on the history of GTMO and the challenges of interpreting it for the public using Project curricula and teaching resources;
  • Invite students to develop different components of the exhibit, including panels, oral histories, and digital content;
  • Engage with other students and communities through video conferencing and the Project blog and social media;
  • Host the exhibit, and organize public programs focusing on the host community’s local perspective and expertise.

A number of other projects have made their own installations and works available for rent as companion pieces to our traveling exhibit. You can find brief introductions and links to these in this blog post.


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Exhibit Schedule

December 13 2012 – February 10 2013
Kimmel Windows Gallery, New York, NY

February 18 – March 29 2013
Douglass Library, Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ

April 8 – May 12 2013
Cultural Arts Gallery, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, IN

June 1 – August 10 2013
California Museum of Photography, Riverside, CA

September 11 – October 9 2013
Herter Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

October 16 – November 29 2013
Phoenix Public Library, Phoenix, AZ

October 18 – October 25 2013
NYU London, London, England

December 12 2013 – February 1 2014
International Civil Rights Center and Museum, Greensboro, NC

February 11 – March 16 2014
Minnesota History Center, St. Paul, MN

April 4 – May 9 2014
Studio X, Istanbul, Turkey

April 10 – June 21 2014
T.T. Wentworth, Jr. Florida State Museum, Pensacola, FL

June 23, 2014
Rayburn House Office Building Foyer

June 30 – July 11, 2014
Cafe Gallery, University of Brighton, Brighton, UK

August 15 – September 17 2014
Little Haiti Cultural Center, Miami, FL

September 1 – September 30 2014
University of Rhode Island Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery, Providence, RI

September 18 – October 30
Tulane University

September 22 – October 31 2014
University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences Gallery, Miami, FL

November 2 – November 30 2014
Ashe Cultural Center, New Orleans, LA

March 19 – April 24 2015
Northeastern University, MA

September 17 – December 17 2015
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC




Exhibit Curators

Arizona State University

Faculty:  Janelle Warren-Findley, Associate Professor of History; Nancy Dallett, Academic Associate, Public History Program

Alysa Broughton

Ryan Ehrfurth

Cody Ferguson

Andrea Field

Carlos Lopez

Samantha Maley

Hannah Schmidl

Amanda Tester

Jeremy Wells


Brown University

Faculty: Anne Valk, Associate Director for Programs of the John Nicholas Brown Center

Exhibit Panel:

Mara Freilich

Gae  Emilio Leanza

Ria Mirchandani

Lara Savenije

Thomas Yim

Digital Projects:

Hillary Brady

Abigail Ettelman

Raina Fox

Nathaniel Weisenberg


Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Faculty:  Elizabeth Kryder-Reid, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Museum Studies and Director, Museum Studies Program; Modupe Labode, Assistant Professor of History and Museum Studies and Adjunct Professor of African American and Diaspora Studies; Laura Holzman, Assistant Professor, Art History and Museum Studies

Benjamin Badgley

Lauren Baker

Melissa Burlock

Abigail Cengel

Amanda Charles

Allison Cosbey

Kelby Dolan

Donnelley Hayde

Kaelynn Hayes

Stephanie Hebda

Jennifer Kalvaitis

Caitlin Kegley

Melissa Klemeyer

Theresa Koenigsknecht

Callie McCune

Alyssa Porter

Elena Rippel

Nicholas Sacco

Jacob Sheff

Kavita Singh

Carol Wilson


The New School for Public Engagement

Faculty: Suzanne Snider, Professor, Documentary Studies and Nonfiction

Phoebe Daroyanni

John T. Decarli

Natalia Guerrero Gonzalez

Bill Kartalopoulos

Andrea Kelsey

Alexander Krstevski

Ashley C. Leach

Michael K. Mason

Erin McIntyre

Brittany Paris

Carleen Reid

Linda Saint Marc

Alyson Nicole Thompson


New York University

Faculty: Liz Ševčenko, Director, Guantánamo Public Memory Project; Haidy Geismar, Assistant Professor of Museum Studies, Anthropology

Olivia Caswell

Kelly Gauvin

Cecilia L. Gingerich

Anasa Hicks

Philip Johnson

Michael Jordan

Megan Kuensting

Janice Liao

Lillien Nathan

Wenonah Nelson

Hema Panesar

Dawn Rewolinski

Maximilian Staudacher

Julia Thomas

Heather Wilson

Claire Wolford


Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Faculty:  Andy Urban, Assistant Professor, American Studies and History

Natalie Fleming

Tiffany Lowe

Patrick Ree

Victoria Sheridan

Antoinette Strickland

Zoe Watnik


University of Massachusetts Amherst

Faculty: David Glassberg, Professor, Department of History; Max Page, Professor, Architecture and History

Marwa Amer

Ariane Davisson

John Dickson

Jill Dwiggins

Jonathan Haeber

Kathryn Wetherbee


University of Miami

Faculty:  Grace Barnes, Associate Professor, Motion Pictures

Virginia Ansaldi

Phil Bouknight

Noah Debonis

Monica Duran

Natalie Edgar

Laken Garcia Horta

Dong Kyu Lee

David Laffey

Noelis Marquez

Lindsay Perez

Kristian Rodriguez

Debbie Rolf

Kenneth Rubi

Rachelle Salnave

Clayton Schnell

Nick Sherman

Bryan Trotman

Lissette Vilarchao

Brenton Williams

Jin Jin Xu


University of Minnesota

Faculty: Kevin Murphy, Associate Professor, Department of History; Jean O’Brien, Associate Professor, Department of History

Tensae Befekadu

Tess Behrens

Henry Bertels

Kendall Bobula

Sarah Emmel

Benjamin Frank

Megan Greene

Rachel Hines

Parker Hoffman

Terrell Jacobs

Teng Lee

Marna MacGregor

Joseph Markell

Angella Mixon

Sadiq Mohamud

Zachary Mohlis

Fran Nelson

Joseph Norton

Adam Oberdalhoff

Renee Pfenning

Steven Porter

Maximillian Regan

Patricia Root

Chistopher Sikich

Melissa Tenuta

Janeke Thumbran

Alexis Tucker

William Vann


University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Faculty: Benjamin Filene, Director of Public History/Associate Professor

Brandie Cline

Megan Coker

Emily Lassiter

Alexandra Latona

Kimberly Mozingo

Meghan Reed

Leigh Smith

Angela Thorpe

Hayley Whitehead


University of California at Riverside

Faculty:  Molly McGarry, Associate Professor of History;

Leann Do

Jay Hartzell

Corinne Knight

Sean Milanovich

Karen Raines

Carolyn Schutten

Megan Suster

Jennifer Thornton

David Wagner

Jennifer Weed


University of West Florida

Faculty:  Patrick Moore, Public History Program Director

Sean Baker

Charles Danzey

Jane Gagne

Jamie Gray

Jeremy Hatcher

Martha Tye


Creative: Picture Projects & Tronvig Group