Should GTMO be returned to Cuba?
Your Answers
60% Yes
40% No

no Cuba's human rights record is bad.

Submitted by SMS

yes because sovereignty is meaningful to identity and international relations

Submitted by SMS

no Absolutely not, if GMTO is returned then where will the terrorists being held there go? I do not want any known terrorist in custody to be returned to US soil. Not to mention it is far to close to the US to remove presence considering Cuba is not an American allies.

Matthew L, Philadelphia, PA

yes The prison should be closed first, then the base an the land returned to Cuba

Submitted by SMS

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This Week in Guantánamo: 2015 and 2007

February 19, 2015: Former GTMO detainee David Hicks wins a legal challenge against a conviction of providing material support for terrorism. His ‘guilty’ finding is dismissed. Hicks describes ongoing medical problems as a result of his time at GTMO.

March 30, 2007: David Hicks becomes the first GTMO War on Terror detainee to be convicted. He is sentenced to 9 months in jail, to be served in his home country of Australia.