In 1995 during Operation Sea Signal, Specialist Ann Marie Terrell served in a humanitarian mission that assisted Cuban balseros.  Tragically, in March of that year, Terrell, age 24, died in a single-truck accident while avoiding a collision with Cuban migrants at a bus stop. Terrell's military comrades and family were not the only ones to mourn her death. Although she had only served the Cubans in the camp for 3 weeks, the appreciative community showed their appreciation for Specialist Terrrell through art.  According to a local paper, a number of Cuban migrants obtained some plaster and crept out of their tents at night to construct a hollow white plaster monument in remembrance of Specialist Terrell. The monument has since been expanded to include an eagle clutching onto the American flag. Though Specialist Terrell's service was brief, the sculpture demonstrates its impact and the respect she inspired even in such a short time.  The sculpture stands is in stark contrast to much of art produced at GTMO that depicts images of guards, beatings, and torture. It stands as a symbol of the complex relationships at GTMO represented wide ranging narrative of art produced in Guantánamo.

-  Kelby Dolan, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis